Why Arano?

 We support all kind of MDF sheets in different size, variation and different qualities, also we have the best customer satisfaction system.

Where are we located?

Our head office is in Isfahan_Iran (The center of Iran's industry).Beside we have our other branch in Tehran_Iran.

What are your working hours?

Our online team is working 24/7 to provide what customers need in anytime and you can contact us by any of social medias we have, we will answer your questions as fast as we could.

How long are the prices valid?

Due to market conditions and fluctuations, the prices recorded in the invoice are valid for 24 hours.

How can we order?

You can make a contact with us by any of social medias we provided for our customers.

What are your minimum order quantities?

We are wholesalers and our minimum order quantity is 1 trailer

How fast can you make shipments?How fast can we recieve goods?

It depends on your orders. When ordering, our team will provide you all the necessary informations. Arano's group goal is to make the shipping happens as soon as possible.

Will I recieve options/advices to help me choose the product (s) I want?

Yes, definitely. By consulting with our export expertise, we’re happy to discuss and present available options based on different factors such as your local market demands and delivery methods. Once you’ve shortlisted the products you’re interested in, we will arrange samples for you to test and verify particularity of product .

How could we cantact you?




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