By updating of facilities and the development of the wood and wood products industry, MDF sheets entered the market in different types. High-embossed MDF is a type of wood product that has recently attracted the attention of many customers. As you know, MDF is a type of wood fiber that has a medium density (MDF = Medium-Density-Fiberboard). Accordingly, the coatings that are glued on the MDF, distinguish them. The above embossed cover is one of the best hosts and has wonderful features. High-quality MDF is extremely attractive and has attracted a large audience today. In addition to Iran, neighboring countries, especially Iraq, are among the largest consumers of MDF. Therefore, Iranian producers take action and meet the needs of the audience by proving the quality of their products. High-embossed MDF, as its name implies, has a rough surface and gives a new and modern look to the home or even workplace space. These sheets are relatively resistant to moisture and chemicals. This does not mean that they never react to contact with water, but in frequent and constant contact, they lose their original quality and may not have a permanent effect.

ام دی اف فوق برجستهMDF Synchronization

Synchronized sheet is a prominent MDF brand, which is sometimes known by this name. It was said that synchronized sheets in the Iranian market and even outside Iran have a very high production capacity due to their many applications, and this factor has caused intense competition among manufacturers. It is interesting to know that Iran is ranked fifth in the production of wood and wood products and is trying to reduce this figure. Based on this, wood specialists and large Iranian producers intend to introduce their name to the world by offering quality products to the domestic market and even the Middle East. Speaking of quality, the quality of the embossed MDF is determined by two criteria: the quality of the coating and the quality of the MDF itself. With this description, the size of the MDF ingredients and the adhesive that holds them together are very important. As for the coating, it should be said that the properties of water repellency or resistance to pressure and impact are the same. The higher the quality of the coating, the more synchronous sheets will be sold.

ام دی اف فوق برجسته

 The above MDF price list is prominent

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